Universal fc receptor blocker

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Non specific Fc receptors staining in assays equal to IHC, ICC, Immunofluorescence (IF) and motion cytometry might find yourself from the binding of the Fc space of the primary and/or secondary antibody or immunoglobulin isotypes to the Fc receptors of the cells. Eliminating Fc receptor staining is fascinating in IHC, ICC, IF and Circulation cytometry assays for the intention of right info evaluation.


Innovex Fc Receptor Blocker is a UNIVERSAL Fc Blocker related to blocking all types of Fc receptors equal to Fc-gamma receptors of kind I,II and III; Fc -epsilon receptors kind I and II; Fc –alpha receptors, Fcα/ µR and FcRn. Innovex Fc Blocker does NOT comprise antibodies, Immunoglobulins or immunoglobulin fragments. INNOVEX Fc Blocker could be universally utilized to dam all types of Fc receptors in all-species along with human, mouse and all-animals This Widespread Fc Block might be utilized in a variety of Immunoassays equal to IHC, ICC, Immunofluorescence and Circulation cytometry.

innovex UNIVERSAL Fc BLOCK is acceptable for blocking Fc receptors in frozen and paraffin tissuesections and cyto preps of human and all-animal species. INNOVEX Fc Blocker may also be usually used for eliminating background staining in thoughts cells/tissues.


Fc receptors (FcRs) are glycoproteins of approximate molecular weights of 50-70 kD. They’re extensively expressed
all by means of the immune cells. Fc receptors are present on leukocytes equal to monocytes, tissue macrophages, B cells, granulocytes (eosinophils, basophils, neutrophils), NK cells and some T cells. Fc receptors are moreover present on mast cells, follicular dendritic cells, epithelial cells, endothelial cells, hepatocytes and langerhans cells amongst others. There are a variety of types of Fc receptors (FcR) which can be categorised based on the antibody that they acknowledge. There are individuals who have good affinity for the Fc space of monomeric IgG antibody and are known as Fc-Gamma receptors, individuals who bind to IgA antibody are known as Fc-alpha receptors and individuals who bind IgE antibody are known as Fc-epsilon receptors.


innovexbio background buster
innovexbio background buster

For IHC, ICC, IF testing: The binding of the Fc space of main and/or secondary antibody and immunoglobulin
isotypes to the Fc receptors present on cells/tissues give rise to non-specific Fc receptor staining. Specimens rich in Fc receptors embrace spleen, lymphoid tissues, lymphomas, tonsil, lymph nodes, bone marrow, blood smears and liver. Others embrace tissues and cell preps meant for staining for CD markers; Immunoglobulins (Igs), Kappa and Lambda and tumor cell traces that express Fc receptors. To steer clear of Fc receptor staining; tissue sections and cell preparations are incubated with Innovex Fc Blocker for a quick interval earlier to utility of main antibody or immunoglobulin isotypes (See instruction a part of this info sheet).

For Circulation cytometry assays: Fc receptors are present on leukocytes (white blood cells), many cell traces along with completely different cell varieties in every human and animal cells/tissues. Fc receptors provides rise to non-specific Fc receptor-staining in motion cytometry assays by binding of Fc space of antibodies and isotype controls to Fc receptors of the cells.

Non-specific Fc receptors staining could be eradicated by incubating cells with INNOVEX Fc Receptor Blocker for a variety of Circulation cytometry assays equal to CD phenotyping, leukemia typing and cell line analysis. (See instruction a part of this info sheet).


Azide Free Fc Receptor Blocker NEW

NB335-60 60 ml
EUR 856

Enhanced Universal IHC Diluent/Blocker/Stabilizer

85R-1021E 100 ml
EUR 187
Description: Enhanced Universal Diluent/Blocker/Stabilizer for use in IHC

Fc Receptor Blocker; 4X Concentrate, 15ml NEW

NB309-4X-15 15 ml of 4X
EUR 775

Azide Free Fc Rreceptor Blocker

NB335 30 ml
EUR 543

Sheep IgG-Fc ELISA Kit, 96 tests, Quantitative

7615-Fc 1 kit
EUR 712

Horse IgG-Fc ELISA Kit, 96 tests, Quantitative

7715-Fc 1 kit
EUR 712

Dog IgG (Fc) fragment (isotype control, non-immune), purified

20016-FC 0.5 mg
EUR 250

Human IgG (Fc) fragment, purified

20007-1-FC 0.5 mg
EUR 208

Mouse IgG (Fc) fragment, purified

20008-1-FC 0.5 mg
EUR 250

Rabbit IgG (Fc) fragment, purified

20009-1-FC 0.5 mg
EUR 250

Goat IgG (Fc) fragment, purified

20011-1-FC 0.5 mg
EUR 250

Hen Blocker

CH23106 100 ml
EUR 362

Rat IgG (Fc) fragment, purified (isotype control)

20005-1-FC 0.5 mg
EUR 250

Goat IgG (fc)-Biotin conjugate (isotype control)

20011-Fc-B 100 ug
EUR 164

Goat IgG (fc)-FITC conjugate (isotype control)

20011-Fc-F 100 ug
EUR 164

Goat IgG (fc)-HRP conjugate (isotype control)

20011-Fc-HP 100 ug
EUR 164

Active Blocker 2

abx090802-01g 0.1 g
EUR 495

Active Blocker 3

abx090803-01g 0.1 g
EUR 411

Active Blocker 1

abx090804-01g 0.1 g
EUR 599

Bax channel blocker

A4459-10 10 mg
EUR 340
Description: IC50: 0.52 ?M in Bax assayBax channel blocker is an inhibitor of Bax-mediated mitochondrial cytochrome c release.

Bax channel blocker

A4459-50 50 mg
EUR 1276
Description: IC50: 0.52 ?M in Bax assayBax channel blocker is an inhibitor of Bax-mediated mitochondrial cytochrome c release.

BCTC (TRPV1 blocker)

SIH-307-10MG 10 mg
EUR 202
Description: The substance BCTC is a trpv1 blocker. It is synthetically produced and has a purity of >98%. The pure substance is white solid which is soluble to 100 mM in DMSO and to 40 mM in ethanol.

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