Plasmid-250-mini Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit

The GeneJET Plasmid Miniprep Kit recovers up to 20 µg of high copy number plasmid DNA per isolation procedure using a silica-based membrane within the spin column. The PureLink HiPure Plasmid Miniprep Kit isolates high yields of pure plasmid DNA from E. coli in less than 2 hours, without the use of organic solvents or caesium chloride. The table below will help you choose the appropriate Plasmid DNA Mini-Preparation Kit.

Application: High and Low Copy Plasmid DNA Purification

Target: plasmid DNA

CE certified: No, for research use only

Technology: Silica membrane technology

Brand: NucleoSpin

Format: Miniprep

Packaging unit: 10 Prep (s), 50 Prep (s), 250 Prep (s)

Handling: Centrifugation, vacuum

Clarification of lysates: Centrifugation

Automated use: No

Sample material: Bacteria, E. coli

Sample quantity: 1 to 5 ml (high copy), 6 to 10 ml (low copy)

Vector size: <25 kbp

Typical yield: 25-45 µg

Theoretical binding capacity: 60 µg

Typical A260 / A280 Purity: 1.8−1.85

Endotoxin level: > 50 EU / µg DNA

Elution volume: 50 µL

Preparation time: 20 min / 6 preparations

Typical downstream application: Cloning, PCR, restriction analysis, sequencing, cell transfection

Storage temperature: 15-25 ° C

Shelf life (from production): 27 months

Hazardous material: Yes

Featured Products

  • Fast and optimized protocol for the extraction of eighteen plasmid samples in as little as 15 minutes
  • Efficient: rapid alkaline / SDS lysis and efficient column binding for high-throughput recovery of all plasmid molecules
  • High throughput – efficient extraction of high purity plasmid DNA, ideal for use in all downstream applications
  • Flexible – Reliable recovery of high- and low-copy number plasmids from all gram-positive bacteria

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Product description

The ISOLATE II Mini Plasmid Kit provides a simple and efficient column-based method for the isolation of plasmid DNA from bacterial cultures, without the need for hazardous reagents such as phenol.

By combining SDS / alkaline lysis with the speed and ease of use of silica-membrane purification, the ISOLATE II Mini Plasmid Kit provides a rapid method for the purification of high-quality plasmid DNA. Separate protocols are provided for the isolation of high copy number plasmids, the isolation of low copy plasmids, P1 constructs, and cosmid DNA from E. coli, and the isolation of plasmids from gram-positive bacteria such as Bacillus, Staphylococcus, Bifidobacteria, or Corynebacteria.

The ISOLATE II Mini Plasmid Kit has been designed to offer optimal performance in cloning, sequencing and endpoint PCR along with any enzyme in the Meridian PCR portfolio, including MyTaq DNA polymerase. Additionally, the ISOLATE II Mini Plasmid Kit can be used in conjunction with SensiFAST Real-Time PCR Kits for high-throughput qPCR.

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