c-chip disposable hemocytometer slides

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• Blood cell counting
• Cell focus measurement
• Cell viability try
• Micro organism and fungal spore counting IVF, IUI
• Sperm countingFashions
• Neubauer Improved (100 µm depth) – DHC-N01
• Fuchs Rosenthal (200 µm depth) – DHC-F01
• Burker (100 µm depth) – DHC-B01
• Burker Turk (100 µm depth) – DHC-B02
• Malassez (200 µm depth) – DHC-M01

EVE slides
Slides applicable with the EVE cell counter

C-Chip haemocytometer slides

The C-Chip from NanoEnTek is the world’s first true disposable haemocytometer.
Advantages of utilizing C-Chips• Disposable
• Coverslips not required
• Washing and reuse time eradicated
• Publicity to infectious samples and contamination decreased
• Repeatability and reliability assured
• Sturdy and durable – quartz grade optical plastic used
• Two exams per slide

Decisions and advantages

  • No ought to coverslip.
  • No must clear for reuse.
  • No additional contact to hazardous gives (e.g. AIDS affected particular person blood, urine).
  • Proper, dependable and repeatable.
  • Wise grid sample.
  • Quartz grade optical plastic.
  • Sturdy and durable.

c-chip disposable hemocytometer
c-chip disposable hemocytometer


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Particulars Cat quantity & provider Dimension Price
Neubauer Improved C-Chip Disposable Haemocytometer (2 channel)


1000 slides £1265.00view
Fuchs Rosenthal C-Chip Disposable Haemocytometer (2 channel)


1000 slides £1265.00view
Burker C-Chip Disposable Haemocytometer (2 channel)


1000 slides £1265.00view
Burker Turk C-Chip Disposable Haemocytometer (2 channel)


1000 slides £1265.00view
Malassez C-Chip Disposable Haemocytometer (2 channel)


1000 slides £1265.00view
Neubauer Improved C-Chip Disposable Haemocytometer (2 channel)


50 slides £65.00view
Fuchs Rosenthal C-Chip Disposable Haemocytometer (2 channel)


50 slides £65.00view
Burker C-Chip Disposable Haemocytometer (2 channel)


50 slides £65.00view
Malassez C-Chip Disposable Haemocytometer (2 channel)


50 slides £65.00view


Primary capabilities:

  • Blood evaluation.
  • Cell customized; cell focus measurement and cell viability counts.
  • Microbiology; bacterial and fungal spores.
  • IVF, IUI; sperm counts.


Sterile Disposable

PW1134-50X10NO 1 unit
EUR 157
Description: Sterile Disposable

Disposable Apron (XL)

LA232-1X10NO 1 unit
EUR 41.29
Description: Disposable Apron (XL)


99999-15 1000/pk
EUR 292.8
Description: Disposable Screw Cap Culture Tubes; DSCCT's, Caps

Disposable Shoe Cover

LA731-1X50NO 1 unit
EUR 22.74
Description: Disposable Shoe Cover

Disposable Filter - EACH

770001 EACH
EUR 82.35

Disposable Apron (Large)

LA994-1X10NO 1 unit
EUR 51.94
Description: Disposable Apron (Large)

Disposable Apron (Small)

LA996-1X10NO 1 unit
EUR 40.71
Description: Disposable Apron (Small)

Disposable L-Spreador

PW1167-1X50NO 1 unit
EUR 9.45
Description: Disposable L-Spreador

Disposable L-Spreador

PW1167-5X10NO 1 unit
EUR 11.18
Description: Disposable L-Spreador

Disposable Apron (Medium)

LA995-1X10NO 1 unit
EUR 51.94
Description: Disposable Apron (Medium)

Sterile Disposable Forceps

PW1337-1X100NO 1 unit
EUR 25.41
Description: Sterile Disposable Forceps

Sterile, Disposable Forceps

PW1337B-1X100NO 1 unit
EUR 27.04
Description: Sterile, Disposable Forceps

Disposable Bag System - EACH

EUR 195.75

Sterile Disposable Petriplate

PW1199-30X20NO 1 unit
EUR 129.49
Description: Sterile Disposable Petriplate

MT 40 Disposable grinding chamber for Tube Mill Control disposable milling system - PK10

MIL2206 PK10
EUR 148.5

Disposable PM40 Scalpel - PK5

INS4463 PK5
EUR 56.7

Sterile Disposable Petriplates

PLA001-1X100NO 1 unit
EUR 28.8
Description: Sterile Disposable Petriplates

Sterile Disposable Petriplates

PLA001-1X250NO 1 unit
EUR 72.02
Description: Sterile Disposable Petriplates

Disposable Serological Pipette

CPP00001-00-5mIDSP210mlDSP225mlDSP250mlDSP2 5 mI DSP*210 ml DSP*225 ml DSP*250 ml DSP*2
EUR 1.09

Disposable Glass Cuvettes - PK10

LZM293 PK10
EUR 55.35

Caps Hospital Disposable - PK120

M42022 PK120
EUR 161.57

Scalpel Disposable No 23 - PK10

INS4753 PK10
EUR 12.15

Scalpel Disposable No 15 - PK10

INS4757 PK10
EUR 12.15

Scalpel Disposable No 11 - PK10

INS4759 PK10
EUR 12.15

Scalpel Disposable No 10 - PK10

INS4761 PK10
EUR 12.15

Scalpel Disposable No 20 - PK10

INS4763 PK10
EUR 12.15

Scalpel Disposable No 21 - PK10

INS4765 PK10
EUR 13.5

Scalpel Disposable No 22 - PK10

INS4767 PK10
EUR 12.15

Scalpel Disposable No 24 - PK10

INS4769 PK10
EUR 13.5

Disposable Knife 10 Inch - PK10

INS6162 PK10
EUR 121.91


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